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2-day Tickets: You will receive one ticket for BOTH days via email on March 29, to be scanned at the gates
Single Day Tickets: You will receive your Single Day ticket via email on March 29, to be scanned at the gates

All tickets purchased after March 29, will be sent automatically to your email.

All tickets are sent as digital print passes. The easiest method to enter the festival & scan your ticket will be to save the QR code to your phone wallet in advance of arrival. The barcode you received on March 27 is the same as it was for last fall if you rolled over your tickets.

Festival Hours

Friday: 4pm-11pm

Saturday: 3pm-11pm

Box Office Hours

Friday: 2pm-10pm

Saturday: 1pm-10pm

What is your age restriction?

Breakaway is an All-Ages event


There is GA and VIP parking available for purchaseThe easiest way to get to and from Breakaway is by taking out Official Shuttles

What is your re-entry policy?

There is no same-day re-entry

Prohibited Items

Large bags (14x6x14 or larger) (No bag with more than 2 zippers) (Subject to search upon entry)

Professional Cameras and equipment

Individual glow sticks

Chairs (including foldable and lawn)


Aerosol cans, spray paint, or pressurized cans

Frisbees and sports balls (soccer balls, footballs, etc.)

Air Horns

Bottles (water or other)

Selfie Sticks

Remote controlled aircraft or unmanned aircraft systems (drones)

Weapons of any kind including, but not limited to, knives, pepper spray, stun guns, concealed weapons and firearms (Regardless of Concealed Carry Permit)

Food or beverage of any kind

Illegal drugs, substances or harmful chemicals

Laser pointers

Fireworks of any kind including, but not limited to, flares, smoke bombs, incendiary devices, and pyrotechnics

Seat cushions with backs

Video cameras



Any item that can be used a s a projectile or deemed as dangerous

*Items that are deemed to be unsafe, inappropriate, or are being used for purposes other than intended may be confiscated on site.

Permitted Items

Smalls bags, purses (must be 14x6x14 or smaller, with no more than 2 zippers (subject to search upon entry)

Cigarettes (unopened packs only, vapes, juuls or other electronics smoking devices

Prescription medications (will be checked at entry gates)

Empty Hydration packs

Flags (no poles)

Glowing/illuminated costumes or jewelry

Hula hoops (including LED hoops)



What happens if it rains or there's severe weather?

Breakaway is rain or shine. In the event of rain and non-severe weather, the festival will continue as planned. In the event of severe weather (including lightning, high winds, tornado, etc), under the direction of local authorities and venue policies to ensure the safety of all patrons, the festival may be postponed until weather passes with no refunds. Should severe weather be present in the area, announcements will be made from the Main Stage PA system.

Do you have food and drinks available?

We will have plenty of food vendors serving delicious food all day, as well as plenty of bars serving non-alcoholic beverages in addition to beer and liquor for those 21+

Can I upgrade to VIP?

VIP upgrades can be done in advance by contacting, or on-site at the Box Office, subject to availability.

Have any questions or need clarification?
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