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SEPT 21ST 2013

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Local Artist Showcase: Yeahdef

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Texas native and Breakaway Dallas artist Yeahdef, whose real name is Joey Liechty, is known for bring the bass. While DJing at multiple residencies around the Dallas and Denton, TX areas, his style has been known to evolve with his ever-changing tastes, all while making sure his crowds are going hard. Having opened for artists like Mixmaster Mike, Solange, and Big Boi, he’ll be taking his talents and thumping bass over to FC Dallas Stadium on September 21.


We had the chance to ask Yeahdef a few questions. You can tell that he’s proud of his city, so you already know that he’s definitely going to rep Dallas properly when he takes the stage at Breakaway!


Who is Yeahdef, and what does Yeahdef sound like?

Y: Yeahdef is the coping mechanism I created for myself due to my deep need to hear really loud bass. People have told me my sound is all over the place, and that’s just how I like it. I get bored with one trajectory in my sets so I do my best to mix up an audio goulash, get a stew goin’.


What are you most excited about with Breakaway Dallas?

Y: I’ve heard Empire of the Sun has an amazing stage presence, so I’m extremely pumped for that. Also it’s going to be great to share the stages with my friends Will (Booty Fade) and Chris (Crizzly).


What do you like most about Dallas?

Y: Dallas is great because of the people. Sincerely, there’s not many cities in this country where people are as down to earth and real as Dallas. They are nice by default and they will also keep you in check if you need it. I’d like to think we’d do well in a zombie epidemic.


What song best describes your life?

Y: It’s a combination of the Toe Jam and Earl soundtrack, Daft Punk – Around the World, and Beach Boys – ‘Til I Die. Video game funk around the world ’til I die.


Serious Pizza – overrated or underrated?

Y: I’ve eaten pizza in Rome, which is supposed to be the birthplace of pizza. Serious wins the taste test. Oh?… I can get a 40oz too? I love Serious Pizza.


Mavericks, Cowboys, or Stars?

Y: Some people are shocked to learn that I know relatively nothing about sports. I know who Tom Landry is and that Dirk is really good at basketball, but that’s about it. I always feel like that geneticist in Blade Runner saying ‘I don’t know such stuff! I just do eyes!’. I am pretty familiar with the competitive world of Magic: The Gathering and Starcraft 2 though.


Best happy hour in Dallas?

Y: I’ve always had good times at The Gingerman and if you’re in Denton you should hit up its unofficial twin sister location Oak Street Draft House. Lots of benches, good friends and copious varieties of dark beer – that’s what’s up!


What’s one thing that outsiders don’t know about Dallas?

Y: It’s large enough so we rep every microcosm here. You only vibe on golden era hip hop? There’s a night for that. You wanna find ballroom vogue? We get down to that too. You exclusively dance to italo disco? It’s out here! I think the scale of Dallas gets underplayed to the perception of outsiders. It’s too large to cover in a paragraph, but if you’re willing to seek it out, you will find your new favorite DJ, metal band, and/or rockabilly surf rock act somewhere along the blanketing stretch of 35 and LBJ.


What’s your most impressive stupid talent?

Y: I once got a little too obsessed with the Rubik’s cube. I started timing myself. Once I got it under a minute and I kind of had to take an objective glance at my life and decide if I really wanted to be ‘that guy who carries around a Rubik’s cube’. I retired the old cube on my dresser – It sits next to my Dallas Observer Music Award.


Would you rather fight one elephant-sized hamster, or 100 hamster-sized elephants?

Y: 100 duck-sized horses.


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-Jordan Canada @CanadaInAmerica


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