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SEPT 14th 2013

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The Official Breakaway 2013 Promo Video!

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Breakaway Columbus Set Times



We have released the official Breakaway Music Festival – Columbus set times. Start planning ahead so you can see all your favorite artists!


The day will kick off with all three stages hosting acts beginning around noon. The Main Stage will feature Columbus band Forest & The Evergreens, while the Prime Stage hosts DJ D-Lo + DJMG, and the alive! Local Stage begins its local lineup with Kid Runner.


Both stages will host artists throughout the afternoon, with the alive! Local Stage closing with Alpine’s set from 5:45PM-6:30PM.


Every attendee at Breakaway Music Festival will have access to all three stages. The Festival will end with Bassnectar closing down the Main Stage inside the actual stadium.


Schedules will be posted around Columbus Crew Stadium so you won’t miss your favorite act. See you on September 14!


Tickets are still available:

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Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio Teams Up With Breakaway

RMHC Central Ohio Logo Horizontal



We are very happy to announce that we have chosen Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio as our official charity for Breakaway Columbus! We’re proud to have teamed up with a true staple within the Columbus community.


The Ronald McDonald House, only steps away from Nationwide Children’s Hospital, provides “a home away from home” when their child is being treated at the hospital. During unsettling times that may be hard on families, the Ronald McDonald House provides support, comfort, and stability. Breakaway Music Festival is absolutely honored to be able to support this great cause.


It’s easy to get involved with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Central Ohio! You can donate your time, a few spare dollars, or even your pop tabs. For more information on how you can get involved, please visit their website. –

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Local Artist Showcase: Kid Runner


If you’re into the Columbus music scene, then you’ve likely heard of up-and-comers Kid Runner. 2013 has been a great year for the 5-piece band, recently opening for Capital Cities, The 1975, and other big names in alt rock, and were also featured in commercials for ESPN’s X-Games. They have been on the rise this year, and are starting to play more and more gigs around the city. We like to describe their music as mixing elements of electronic with alternative rock, creating a happy, fun sound that is becoming infectious around Columbus.
We wanted to find out more about the quintet and what their city means to them. We had the opportunity to ask them a few questions; some serious, some not-so-serious. Their fun-loving attitude is evident, and their stage presence follows suit. Get ready for a great set when Kid Runner takes the stage at #BreakawayColumbus!

Q: Who is Kid Runner, and what does Kid Runner sound like?

KR: Kid Runner is a really attractive indie-electronic band from Columbus, Ohio. We all come from different musical backgrounds and old bands (rap, metal, folk, alternative rock, and punk rock), so it’s a fairly eclectic sound. It makes the writing process that much cooler. And that much crazier!

Q: Where did the name “Kid Runner” come from?

KR: We were originally called Runners, but after discovering that a couple of other bands out there had the same name, we decided to skip any potential legal issues and change the name. We wanted to keep the name “Runner(s)” in there, and after going through a million different combinations we liked the name Kid Runner the best. We all kind of run… (not really) and Kid just always sounds cool. Voila! Kid Runner was born.

Q: Who are you most excited to see at Breakaway Columbus?

Drew of KR – Definitely Kendrick Lamar and Empire of the Sun. I’ve been a big fan of Empire of the Sun for a while now, and Kendrick Lamar is pretty unique with the flow!
Fran of KR – Empire Of The Sun! And Kendrick Lamar. Twenty-One Pilots always put on a sweet show
Bobby of KR – I’m super excited to see Tokyo Police Club, their song Cheer it on is definitely in my top ten. Also, who doesn’t like Bassnectar?

Q: From your experiences, what’s a little known fact about that Columbus that others may not know?

Drew of KR – The country’s one and only metal whistle factory is here in Columbus. So all the whistles you see on TV that all the referees are blowing into…CBus!

Q: In your opinion, what’s the best part about Columbus?

KR: There’s something to do every single night. Whether it be a show/event, it’s almost impossible to be bored in this city.

Q: If you could have someone follow you with a boom box all day and play the same one song on repeat, which song would it be?

Fran of KR – In the Summertime – Mungo Jerry. I would get my strut on.
Scott of KR – Final Countdown. And I would walk in slow motion all day.
Drew of KR – That’s a tough question. I’d have to say it would have to be either “Here Comes the Sun” by The Beatles, or “T.R.O.Y.” by Pete Rock & CL Smooth.
Kurt of HR – Everyday I’m Hustlin – Rick Ross. Sums up my life pretty well.

Q: Browns or Bengals?

Fran of KR – Bengals Whoooodeyyyyy.
Scott of KR – DEFINITELY the Cincinnati Bengals (Scott is also out of town and unable to answer this question himself, so Fran is answering for him with probably his least favorite team in the league. Besides The Steelers. That’s why you don’t go on vacation at a pivotal time like this)
Drew of KR – Atlanta, Braves
Bobby of KR – Neither, Steelers!
Kurt of KR – Brown Cinnamon Bagels. Delicious.

Q: What’s your favorite skyscraper in downtown Columbus?

KR: Most of us said LaVeque tower. It looks pretty rad. Especially at night!

Q: Ohio is known for having crazy weather. Would you rather have a blizzard in July, or a 95 degree day in January?

Fran – A blizzard in July. Summer needs to stay away from winter.
Drew – Oh, 95 degree day in January! Although it would be interesting to see some snow during the 4th of July fireworks!
Bobby – 95 in January for sure, then I’d have a pool party on my birthday. Honestly, the only season I look forward to in Ohio is Autumn, the weather is beautiful and there is Buckeye football.
Kurt – I’m not sure about 95 degrees but I sure love Oreo blizzards. Especially in July.

Q: Would you rather have leg-sized fingers, or finger-sized legs?

KR: This turned into a fairly epic debate. Most of us decided finger-sized legs, so we could still play our instruments (except Bobby would have a hard time with that kick drum…). Drew wants leg-sized fingers because he doesn’t want to be any shorter than he already is…This was a very difficult question that really challenged our morals and outlook on life in general. We almost broke up as a band because we couldn’t decide.


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-Jordan Canada @CanadaInAmerica


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Hometown Heroes Twenty One Pilots return to Columbus


If you live in Columbus and haven’t heard of twenty one pilots, then you’re doing something wrong. The duo, originally from Columbus, OH, has taken over the national spotlight almost immediately.

Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun, the men behind twenty one pilots, started like any other band, playing in local venues. At each show, their audience would slowly grow. Finally, in 2011, the group’s popularity would finally be known.
twenty one pilots had always been a local treasure, but this wouldn’t be seen on a national level until a sold-out show at the historic Newport Hall garnered the attention of record labels everywhere. twenty one pilots decided to sign with Fueled By Ramen, and the result has payed off. twenty one pilots has sold out multiple Columbus shows, and has recently toured with Neon Trees, Capital Cities, Walk The Moon, and it was just announced that they would join Fall Out Boy on their tour.
You can expect an amazing and energetic show from these two when they return to Columbus on September 14 in what could be a true pinnacle for their musical careers. We look forward to having twenty one pilots truly represent the capital city in a fashion that only they can do!
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What Does “Your Field, Your Fest” Mean?

If you haven’t noticed yet, you’ll see the slogan “Your Field, Your Fest” a lot when Breakaway is mentioned. But what does it mean?

With Breakaway, we want to create a unique experience while incorporating everything your city has to offer. Even though we’re bringing in some of the world’s biggest artists to your backyard, we can’t neglect the city that it’s hosted in.

Each city has something special to offer, from a rich culture to a common interest and more. Each city is beautiful in their own way, and we want that something special to shine.

Through local talent, sponsors, vendors, partnerships, and more at each Breakaway event, we give Columbus a chance to showcase everything great about the city. Columbus Crew Stadium is YOUR soccer stadium, and at the end of the day, Breakaway is YOUR music festival. Be proud of your city and be proud of your Breakaway Music Festival.

We’re always open to suggestions on how to make Breakaway better. After all, it’s your field, your fest.

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